Polar Fleece Pet Bed

Doesn't your pet deserve a cozy and warm place to call their own? 

Our four-legged friends aren’t just pets, they're family. So why not spoil them with our bestselling Polar Fleece Pet Bed, the plushiest bed you will ever find.  
Rather than letting your furry friend take over your bed or stretch out on the cold hardwood floor, give them their own secure and relaxing place to rest after a long day. It’s premium high-loft fill is ideal for pets that love to scrunch up and nestle their way into bed.

Treat your loved pet to the comfort they deserve!

  1. Perfect for small dogs, cats and puppies
  2. Modern style to suit any home and satisfy any pet
  3. Soft fleece and 100% poly fill
  4. Unique dome design for a secure and comfortable place to sleep
  5. Folds easy and makes it a breeze to carry
  6. Available in three sizes and five beautiful color

Suitable for small dogs and cats. This is an extremely comfortable pet bed that can also be used as a sleeping bag so your pet can really snuggle in and stay warm. It comes in 4 different sizes and 6 different colors. 

Size by Pet Weight:
XS: <1kg, S:1-3kg, M:3-6kg, L:6-10kg